SAOT Student Award 2019

In order to promote visibility and reputation of the SAOT research program, maximum six SAOT Student Awards (1000 € each) – one for each topic – will be donated to the doctoral candidates who have achieved the highest impact to the respective scientific community in 2019.

We want to encourage applications of doctoral candidates for the SAOT Student Award 2019 by May 5, 2019. The application should comprise a copy of the scientific contribution and a very short statement, why this contribution has a very high impact (written by the applicant).

These are the eligibility criteria:

  • The contribution must have been published or accepted for publication in 2018.
  • Of course, only contributions which state your affiliation with SAOT will be considered.
  • You must be the first author.
  • The paper must be published in a Journal, which is listed in the ISI-Web-of-Knowledge Journal-Citation-Reports (Thomson & Reuters).

For each topic, the papers will be a assessed according to a weighted impact factor based on the ISI-Web-of-Knowledge and the scientific content and impact.

  • The papers will be assigned automatically to your main topic. This means, a doctoral candidate can only win the student award in his main topic.
  • The focus of the paper must be related to optical technologies.

Please send your application via email to

Here you can find the last years student award laureates:

The SAOT Student Awards will be presented during a combined SAOT summer fair/member assembly on July 22, 2019 – more information to follow.