DAAD Rise Program 2020

Dear SAOT Doctoral Researchers,

we herewith want to draw your attention on the announcement of the RISE program. This RISE program is launched by the DAAD and the DFG and should provide undergraduates from North America and the UK the chance to make a summer internship at a German University.  If you consider hosting one RISE student during summer 2020, please check the RISE website. The application phase starts September 1, 2019 – deadline is October 15, 2019.

(General information are available in German and English; the procedure for the actual offer of the internship only in German)

During the summers 2015 – 2019 approximately 30 SAOT-Doctoral Researchers were hosting RISE students. As we consider the RISE program to be a nice possibility to increase the visibility of optics related research at FAU, SAOT is going to support your ambitions to apply for a RISE student via the following measures:

  • Earn credit points in SCIENCE: If you submit a proposal for a summer internship project to the DAAD, you can earn 2 CPs in the credit-point section SCIENCE. Those of you who already submitted such a proposal in previous years can also earn another 2 CPs, if you submit a new proposal with a different content. (If you submit the same proposal again, you don’t get CPs but are still eligible of receiving financial support; mentioned below.)
  • Get financial support for the project: If finally after the very competitive selection round the DAAD assigns one RISE student to you, you will get 2,500€ financial support for research related to the proposal you submitted. The money can however not be used for a stipend for the visiting RISE student.

SAOT will also offer support in finding accommodation for your guests!

Please note: Having opened an account at the RISE portal you can submit your proposal! Together with the proposal you have to submit the “Befürwortung”, which is available in the RISE portal. Your supervisor (PI) has to sign this form, not SAOT.