5th International Conference on Next Generation Solar Energy (NGSE5) – SAOT Workshop

Dear SAOT Doctoral Researchers,

I herewith would like to draw your attention to the 5th International Conference on Next Generation Solar Energy (NGSE5):

The NGSE5 – which in 2020 will take place in a hybrid format – will be counted as a SAOT Workshop allowing you to earn 2.5 CPs for the topics Optical Materials and Systems, Optical Material Processing, Optics in Communication and Information Technology, or Computational Optics.

Furthermore, I would like to note that the event can be upgraded to a full lecture course:
In the upcoming winter semester, Prof. Brabec is offering a solar energy seminar for which the participation in the conference’s specialist lectures is compulsory. Participants are asked to choose one of the lecture topics and then present and explain their content in more depth in a 25 min lecture in January 2021.


The 5th International Conference on Next Generation Solar Energy (NGSE5) will be held from 7th – 9th of December 2020 in close collaboration between the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU), the Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nuremberg for Renewable Energies (HI ERN), the South China University of Technology (SCUT) and the Erlangen Graduate School of Excellence in Optical Technologies (SAOT).

The conference concept introduces the topic “Next Generation Solar Energy” with a series of 50 min tutorials. A series of 15 min long impulse lectures on current results and trends will complement the concept.

The conference will be held “hybrid” – with both digital participation via video conferencing and with on-site presence. The audience will be connected digitally, the speakers are invited to Erlangen and Guangzhou, but can as well participate and present purely digital if Corona travel limitations are still limiting.

The conference offers an excellent opportunity to learn about latest developments and current projects in the field of organic and perovskite photovoltaic technology and to exchange ideas and experiences with experts from around the world, particularly those are in close collaboration with i-MEET, ZAE Bayern and the Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nuremberg for Renewable Energies.

Participation in the NGSE5 is free of charge! To apply for a spot as a participant please send an email with your contact information to