Completed qualifications in chronological order

Dr. Thomas Seeger Mentor Engineering Thermodynamics December 2006
Dr. Andreas P. Fröba Mentor Engineering Thermodynamics May 2009
Dr. Andreas Erdman Mentor Electrical Devices February 2010
Dr. Henerik Hagenah Mentor Manufacturing Technology February 2010
Dr. Alexandre Douplik Guest Professor  Photonic Medical Engineering July 2011
Dr. Dr. Florian Stelzle Oral and Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery December 2012
Dr. Andreas Bräuer Mentor, SAOT Director of Administration Engineering Thermodynamics July 2014

Started procedures in alphabetical order

Dr. Andreas Bräuer Engineering Thermodynamics
Dr. Rainer Engelbrecht High Frequency Technology
Dr. Özgür Ertunc Fluid Mechanics
Dr. Christoph Marquardt Physics
Dr. Markus Schmidt Physics
Dr. Harald Schwefel Physics