Research Activities

3-D Imaging of Coronary Vasculature Using C-arm CT (Prof. Hornegger)
3-D Imaging of The Heart Chambers With C-arm CT (Prof. Hornegger)
Advanced Fundus Imaging for Early Detection of Eye Diseases (Prof. Hornegger)
Advanced fundus imaging for early detection of eye diseases (Prof. Michelson)
Automatic Detection of Glaucoma by Examining The Optic Nerve Head Geometry in OCT Images (Prof. Hornegger)
Bimodal Complete Imaging of the Visual Pathway -from Retina to Visual Cortex (Prof. Michelson)
Cancer detection by a hyperspectral reflectance and multispectral fluorescence video endoscope (Prof. Michael Schmidt)
Chemical vapor deposition of carbon nanotubes (Prof. Leipertz, Prof. Leipertz-Popovska, Dr. Braeuer)
Computer Aided Diagnosis-Systems in Ophthalmology (Prof. Michelson)
COSIR (Combination of Chemical-optical Sensors and Image Recognition) (Prof. Hornegger)
CT Reconstruction Using Compressed Sensing (Prof. Hornegger)
Detecting The Keyhole Geometry During Laser Beam Welding (Prof. Michael Schmidt)
Detection of disturbances of ocular blood flow (Prof. Michelson)
Development of imaging measurement techniques for species and temperature mapping (Prof. Leipertz)
Development of multi-parameter imaging techniques (Prof. Leipertz, Dr. Braeuer)
Development of system technology for corneal fs-laser surgery (Prof. Michael Schmidt)
Development of technological fundamentals for the later development and manufacture of optimized phakic intraocular lenses (Prof. Michael Schmidt)
Development of Thermoplastic Laser Sintering Materials for Engineering Applications (Prof. Drummer)
Digital Backward Propagation to Compensate Fiber Transmission Impairments in Coherent Transmission Systems with Advanced Modulation Formats (Prof. Schmauss)
Doppler Measurement of Particle Guided in Hollow-core Photonic Crystal Fibre (Prof. Russell, Prof. Joly)
Efficient Models and Algorithms for Lithographic Projection Imaging and Related Optical Proximity Effects (Prof. Frey)
Exploration of new concepts for sensor based tissue specific laser surgery (Prof. Lerch)
Fabrication of Regular Micro- and Nanostructures (Prof. Lerch)
Framework for Software-based Image Improvement (Prof. Michelson)
Free Space Quantum Key Distribution (Dr. Onischchukov, Prof. Leuchs, and Prof. Schmauss)
Fundamental combustion research and applied combustion technology (Prof. Leipertz)
Fusion Welding of Thin Silicon Substrates (Prof. Lerch)
Heat and mass transfer across phase boundaries (Dr. Braeuer)
High Throughput Biology & Screening Technologies (Prof. Friedrich)
Hyper-Rayleigh Scattering (HRS) from Nanoparticles (Prof. Peukert)
Imaging and material characterization with millimeter waves (Prof. Lorenz-Peter Schmidt)
Implementation of an Intelligent Stimulator of Cyclopean Vision for Athletes (Prof. Hornegger)
Incremental In-line Test Technique for Additive Production (Prof. Drummer)
Integrated Telemedical System in Ophthalmology ITSO (Prof. Michelson)
Intelligent stimulators of specific channels of visual perception (Prof. Michelson)
Iterative Reconstruction For MR Angiography And Flow Measurements (Prof. Hornegger)
Iterative Reconstruction Techniques for Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Prof. Hornegger)
Laser sheet drop sizing (Prof. Leipertz, Dr. Braeuer)
Laser Sintering of Nanoparticles for The Production of Thin Conducting Layers on Transparent Substrates (Prof. Michael Schmidt)
Laser System for efficient use of Ultrashort Pulse Lasers (Prof. Lerch)
Laser-based electromechanical contacting (Prof. Michael Schmidt)
Light refractive tomography (Prof. Leipertz)
Low-cost Fundus Camera for the Third World (Prof. Hornegger)
Measurement of the distribution of macular pigment (Prof. Michelson)
Metallic Metamaterials with Highly Modified Transmission (Prof. Peschel, Sabine Dobmann)
Molecular Mie Model for Second Harmonic Generation at The Surface of Spherical Nanoparticles (Prof. Peschel, Sarina Wunderlich)
Non-destructive Testing in The THz Regime (Prof. Lorentz-Peter Schmidt)
Nonlinear Optics in Gas-filled Hollow-core Photonic Crystal Fibre (Prof. Russell, Prof. Joly)
Novel Quantum Receivers (Prof. Leuchs)
OCT Motion Correction and Signal Enhancement (Prof. Hornegger)
Optical circuitry, antennas, directional couplers and discrete diffraction with surface plasmon polaritons (Prof. Peschel, Arian Kriesch)
Optical Methods for Quantifying Fluid and Solid Dynamics of Biological Systems (Prof. Thomson)
Optical Signal Regeneration (Dr. Onishchukov, Prof. Schmauss, and Prof. Leuchs)
Optical Tracking of Contrast Medium Bolus to Optimize Bolus Shape and Timing in Dynamic Computed Tomography (Prof. Kalender)
Optical Trap Assisted Near-field Nanostructuring (Prof. Michael Schmidt)
Pressure Induced Solidification – A novel fabrication process for optical polymer parts (Prof. Drummer)
Probing colloidal interfaces with second harmonic light scattering (Prof. Peukert)
Process Monitoring and Control of Focal Position in Laser Beam Cutting (Prof. Lerch)
Processing Strategies for Selective Beam Melting of Polymer Powders (Prof. Drummer)
Process-related Aging Behaviour of Polymers for Powder Based Manufacturing Technologies (Prof. Drummer)
Quantitative imaging using a fundus camera (Prof. Michelson)
Quantitative Morphometry of Cells and Tissues in Chronic Diseases and Tissue Engineering Using Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy (Prof. Friedrich)
Reliability of scanning laser polarimetry to measure the retinal nerve fibre thickness and to detect glaucoma (Prof. Michelson)
Retinal Blood Flow by OCT-Technology (Prof. Michelson)
Retrospective Microscopy (Prof. Hornegger)
Segmentation and Analysis of Retinal Fundus Images (Prof. Hornegger)
Simulation of Optical Waves in Thin-Film Solar Cells (Prof. Pflaum)
Simulation of Solid-State Lasers (Prof. Pflaum)
Stimulated Raman scattering in Gas-filled Fibres (Prof. Russell, Prof. Joly)
Time-of-Flight Dynamic Feet Reconstruction (Prof. Hornegger)
Vibrational Sum-Frequency Generation: Shedding Light on Interface Molecular Properties (Prof. Peukert)
Visual Pathway Analysis in Glaucoma using Diffusion Tensor Imaging (Prof. Hornegger)
Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators (Prof. Leuchs)
Wireless communication between nano-antennas (Prof. Peschel, Daniel Ploss)