Contact list

Elke Jukic, M. Sc.

Contactless Photoacoustic Imaging using Speckle Analysis

Paul Damp, M. Sc.

Characterization of working fluids relevant for hydrogen technology by using optical and conventional measuring techniques

Bara'a Al-khateeb, M. Sc.

Dropwise condensation heat transfer of fluids with low surface tension

Muhammad Saad Idrees, M. Sc.

Fundamental Research on the heat transfer between workpiece and tool during press hardening

Pranay Kumar Chittem, M. Sc.

Characterization of working materials with relevant for process engineering by optical techniques

Chaohui Li, M. Sc.

Preparation of efficient and stable p-i-n perovskite solar cells
Martensstraße 7
91058 Erlangen

Bastian Rüppel, M. Sc.

Investigation of energy conversion processes using Raman scattering

Elshaimaa Darwish, M. Sc.

Novel Perovskite nanomaterials for photovoltaics and optoelectronic applications
Martensstraße 7
91058 Erlangen

Moritz Späth

Optical Imaging Methods in Medicine