Innovation Award

The SAOT Innovation Award is a competition amongst all doctoral researchers. Applicants are encouraged to submit short proposals on feasibility studies regarding any innovative blue sky research idea they might have in the field of optical technologies. The most innovative proposal is awarded the SAOT Innovation Award which is endowed with 2.000 €. Additionally, financial support of 20.000 € is provided for the activities described in the project proposal.

Year Awardee Project
2021 Florian Bauer and Philipp Bräuer 2D tomography for absorption spectroscopy measurements using an imaging spectrograph to determine the optical band gap of soot
2020 Martin Hohmann Towards nano-LIBS spectroscopy of cell organelles
2018 Peter Fendt Development of an echelle spectrograph linked to a digital micromirror device for multispecies and multiparameter high-resolution and high-speed absorption spectroscopy
2016 Maximilian Rumler Nano-Direct Laser Writing: Bridging the Gap between micro- and nanofabrication
2015 Gerhard Schunk Whispering-Gallery Type Wavemeter
2014 Thomas Werblinski High Speed Broadband Cavity Enhanced Spectroscopy Based on Supercontinuum Radiation and a Ultra-Fast Line Camera
2013 Felix Tenner Optical Tremor Analysis for Rehabilitation and Performance Measures