Russian Bavarian Conference on Biomedical Engineering

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The Russian Bavarian Conference on Biomedical Engineering was held in Erlangen from 10. until 14. October 2011. Several contributions from the SAOT members were presented at the conference. The SAOT cooperation partner “MIET” (National Research University for Electronic Technology Moscow) was involved in the organisation and carrying out of the conference. The SAOT-MIET cooperation agreement was signed in the Summer between Prof. Umnyashkin (s. picture, in the middle) and the SAOT coordinator Prof. Leipertz (s. picture, left). On the picture, which was taken during the conference is also the SAOT principal investigator and vice-president of the university for research Prof. Hornegger (right). The SAOT-MIET cooperation aims to a double-degree agreement which should make possible to obtain a doctoral degree at the both universities.