Cymer Scientific Leadership Award to Viviana Agudelo Moreno

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During the SPIE Advanced Lithography conference in San Jose, California, SAOT Doctoral Candidate Viviana Agudelo Moreno has been awarded the

“Cymer Scientific Leadership Award, Best Student Paper, SPIE Advanced Lithography 2013, Optical Microlithography Conference XXVI”

for her oral presentation entiteled

“Application of artificial neural networks to compact mask models in optical lithography simulation“ by V. Agudelo, T. Fühner, A. Erdmann, P. Evanschitzky

The conference SPIE Advanced Lithography is the most important conference in the respective area. For 14 years the award, which is donated by Cymer, is conferred on the doctoral researcher who has made the most significant contribution in the field of optical lithography. Thanks to her excellent research in the field of modeling of lithographic masks for the production of semiconductor chips, Viviana Agudelo Moreno brings the award -for the first time- to Europe.