Key Qualification

Use your travel budget to take part in external online courses!

With regards to the current situation, we would like to inform you that you can use this year’s travel budget (2000 €) to take part in qualified external online key qualification courses (full day event = 1 CP in the section ‘Education’).

The following list of qualified courses will continously be updated:

Please do not hesitate to write an email to to suggest further courses. Each case will individually be checked.

Importantly, the costs for the participation in qualified courses must first be paid by you or your institute. SAOT will reimburse the costs afterwards.

As an addition to SAOT Key Qualification Courses, the full program offered by FAU’s Graduate Center allows you to earn SAOT Credit Points in the section ‘Education’ (full day event = 1CP; shorter courses will be valued proportionally).

Please have a look at the program – registration for the summer semester 2020 starts April 9, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.:

To earn credit points, please select ‘SAOT’ in the online registration (all fees are covered by SAOT if applicable) and send your ‘Certificate of Participation’ to

In 2020, seven Key Qualification Courses organized by F3G are part of the SAOT program (1 CP / day). 

Three courses will take place in October. More information can be found here.

Career Paths and Academic Job Applications (Dr. Dunja Mohr) on October 1, 2020. Registration closed.

Publishing in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine (UB-Team) on October 23, 2020 and October 26, 2020. Registration deadline: September 30, 2020.

Conflict Management: Constructively Dealing With Conflict (Dr. Isabel Werle) on October 29-30, 2020. Registration deadline: September 30, 2020.