Invited Speaker

The conference will feature the following invited speakers:

  • Berrocal, Edouard (Lund University) – “Simulation of light propagation through spray systems using a novel open-access software “Multi-Scat””
  • Booth, Martin (University of Oxford) – “Dynamic optics for laser material processing”
  • Contag, Christopher (Michigan State University) – “Advances in Optics are Redefining Health and Disease”
  • Horstmeyer, Roarke (Duke University) –  “Using Machine Learning to Optimize how Microscopes Detect Infectious Disease”
  • Housley, Gary D. (University of New South Wales) – “Advanced optical imaging incorporating genetically encoded sensors and effectors underpins translational neurotherapeutics applications”
  • Huckauf, Anke (University of Ulm) – “Gaze Mechanics” 
  • Jesacher, Alexander (Innsbruck Medical University) – “Programmable and Computational Microscopy”
  • Jirauschek, Christian (Technical University of Munich) – “Modeling of quantum cascade lasers for mode-locking and frequency comb generation”
  • Katayama, Seiji (Osaka University) – “Present State and Trend of Laser Welding Technology”
  • Meyer, Terrence (Purdue University) – tba
  • Piestun, Rafael (University of Colorado at Boulder) – tba
  • Schmalen, Laurent (Bell Labs Stuttgart) – tba
  • Wegener, Martin (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) –  “3D Laser Nanoprinting”
  • Zibar, Darko (Technical University of Denmark) – “Application of machine learning to photonic systems”