Publications in Nature Communications

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Observation of optical solitions in PT-symmetric lattices is the title of an article by Martin Wimmer, Doctoral Candidate of SAOT, published in Nature Communications. The authors are Martin Wimmer, Alois Regensburger, Mohammad-Ali Miri, Christoph Bersch, Demetrios N. Christodoulides and Ulf Peschel.

The second paper by SAOT Doctoral Candidates that was published in Nature Communications this July is: A generic concept to overcome bandgap limitations for designing highly efficient multijunction photovoltaic cells.The authors are: Fei Guo, Ning Li, Frank W. Fecher, Nicola Gasparini, Cesar Omar Ramirez Quiroz, Carina Bronnbauer, Yi Hou, Vuk V. Radmilovic, Velimir R. Radmilovic, Erdmann Spiecker, Karen Forberich and Christoph J. Brabec.