SAOT Student Award 2019

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The ceremony for the SAOT Student Award 2019 took place within the framework of the SAOT Summer Fair on July 22, 2019. Five awards valued at € 1000 were presented by Professor Will, Co-Coordinator and Director of SAOT, to SAOT doctoral candidates for their innovative published work:

  • Ramon Springer in the topic Computational Optics„Numerical simulation of short laser pulse amplification“, Journal of the Optical Society of America B 36, 717 (2019)
  • Benjamin Lengenfelder in the topic Optics in Medicine – „Remote photoacoustic sensing using speckle-analysis“, Scientific Reports 9, 1057 (2019)
  • Michael Karg in the topic Optical Material Processing„Expanding particle size distribution and morphology of aluminium-silicon powders for Laser Beam Melting by dry coating with silica nanoparticles“, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 264, 155 (2019)
  • Dominik Schneidereit in the topic Optical Metrology„Optical prediction of single muscle fiber force production using a combined biomechatronics and second harmonic generation imaging approach“, Light: Science & Applications 7, 79 (2018)
  • Osbel Almora in the topic Optical Materials and Systems„Discerning Recombination Mechanisms and Ideality Factors through Impedance Analysis of High-Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells“, Nano Energy 48, 63 (2018)