Alexander Sommereyns: Nano-Additives for Additive Manufacturing

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With additive manufacturing, highly customized parts of high complexity and resolution can be fabricated. Mixing nanoparticles into the feedstock polymer powders may improve the outcome of the laser powder bed fusion. With a multitude of evaluation techniques, Alexander Sommereyns investigated the impact of such nano-additives in his publication “Quality over Quantity: How Different Dispersion Qualities of Minute Amounts of Nano-Additives Affect Material Properties in Powder Bed Fusion of Polyamide 12.

This work was preceded by his investigation of the “Influence of sub-monolayer quantities of carbon nanoparticles on the melting and crystallization behavior of polyamide 12 powders for additive manufacturing.

Alexander Sommereyns works at the Institute of Photonic Technologies, his supervisor is Michael Schmidt. The original publications can be found in the Journals Materials and Materials and Design.

The powder bed