Moritz Späth: Improving Vessel Diagnostics

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Microcirculation describes the circulation of blood in the smallest vessels. The publication of Moritz Späth deals with theDetermination of the diameter of simulated human capillaries using shifted position‐diffuse reflectance imaging. Using Monte-Carlo simulations, he showed that this non-invasive imaging technique is suitable for monitoring the state of microcirculation. This could improve the diagnosis of microcirculation associated diseases.

Recently, Moritz Späth also published onThe influence of the optical properties on the determination of capillary diameterswhen using the non-invasive method of shifted position-diffuse reflectance imaging. On a theoretical level he showed that even under varying optical properties of the skin, the state of a microcirculatory disorder can be determined without the need of individual calibration.

He works at the Institute of Photonic Technologies with Michael Schmidt.

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