Simon Aßmann: Monitoring Spray Flame Synthesis

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Spray flame synthesis is a powerful tool for the generation of functionalized nanoparticles, yet sophisticated measurement techniques are required to investigate droplet evolution and nanoparticle formation in such a complex process. In his recent publication, In Situ Determination of Droplet and Nanoparticle Size Distributions in Spray Flame Synthesis by Wide-Angle Light Scattering (WALS), Simon Aßmann uses one elastic light scattering technique to derive both droplet and particle size distributions from different morphology. This allows insight into the evaporation behavior of solvent and precursor as well as different particle formation pathways during spray flame synthesis.

Simon Aßmann works at the Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics (LTT), directed by Stefan Will. The original Publication can be found in Materials.

The Laser Setup
Close Up of the Beam Splitter