Bastian Lehnert: Optical tomography of transient fuel sprays

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Bastian Lehnert

Bastian Lehnert works on the optimization of 3D imaging of transient fuel sprays. His measurement technique is called ‘diffuse back illumination extinction imaging’. Simply said, the fuel spray is placed between an LED panel with specific characteristics and a High-Speed-Camera which records the light extinction caused by the liquid droplets. Via that, he is able to calculate the volume fraction of the fuel and gas phase, and reconstruct the three-dimensional spray distribution.

The injection process in slow motion

For his conference contribution Tomographic reconstruction of spray evolution considering multiple light scattering effects, Bastian implemented simulations for correcting aberrations resulting from various scattering effects. The gained information on the fuel spray distribution in the engine helps in optimizing the combustion process regarding higher efficiency and cleanliness and is a key tool for E-Fuel combustion chamber design.

Bastian works at the Professorship for Fluid Systems Technology, his supervisor is Michael Wensing.

The high speed camera focuses on the fuel nozzle in the spray chamber