SAOT – PMI Summer School in Princeton

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Last year, doctoral students from Princeton Materials Institute (PMI) in Princeton visited SAOT in Erlangen for a Summer School on lasers and photonics. Recently this year, young SAOT researchers visited the US in return. During their one-week stay in Princeton, they presented their own research and jointly prepared courses in the fields of lasers and optics for different specific audiences like high school students and career-changing people. As a highlight, the doctoral researchers received a guided tour in the global headquarters of Nokia Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey. “This was an extraordinary experience, as we got insights into those labs where so many groundbreaking technologies came to live”, as Dongqin Ni, an SAOT doctoral candidate concludes. But there was also time for social activities like going on a canoe ride. The Summer School, jointly funded by SAOT and PMI, therefore again strengthened the personal exchange between young scientists from Princeton and Erlangen.