Jonas Bollmann: Optical access to temperature distributions in LOHC fluids

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Jonas Bollmann

To safely store hydrogen as a future energy carrier, liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) systems are a highly promising option. In the presence of a catalyst, these organic molecules are able to repeatedly absorb and release hydrogen molecules through chemical reactions depending on the pressure and temperature.

Thus, it is important to know the temperature distribution of the LOHC during the release reaction. To gain information about it, Jonas Bollmann adds phosphorescent emitters as known from glow-in-the-dark products to the fluid. Their afterglow light emission is dependent on their temperature and therefore also acts as an indicator for the fluid’s temperature. Jonas published his results in his paper Phosphor thermometry in heat transfer fluids and liquid organic hydrogen carrier systems using (Sr,Ca)SiAlN3:Eu2+.

Jonas works at the Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics (LTT), directed by Stefan Will. The original Publication can be found in Measurement Science and Technology.

The orange glow of the phosphorescent emitter in the thermometry setup
Different materials and solvents for sample preparation