Jonas Bollmann: Improving the provision of hydrogen from LOHC fluids

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As previously described, liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) fluids may play a major role in future energy storing, as they are able to reversibly store and release hydrogen molecules. This release, namely the dehydrogenation of the LOHC, is an endothermic reaction, which means it requires external heat energy.

In a novel approach, Jonas Bollmann uses the heat of exhaust gas of a porous media burner. This direct heating allows a fast and dynamic hydrogen release, which is necessary for reliable provision of energy in the form of molecular hydrogen e.g. at hydrogen refueling stations. Details on the work are found in his publication A path to a dynamic hydrogen storage system using a liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC): Burner-based direct heating of the dehydrogenation unit.

Jonas works at the Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics (LTT), directed by Stefan Will. The original Publication can be found in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

The LOHC hydrogen release setup with the burner (left) and hydrogen tanks (middle)
Close-up of two LOHC storage vessels