Yogeshwar Nath Mishra & Florian Bauer: The world’s fastest 2D imaging of flames

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A timeframe of 80 picoseconds is extremely short. In this interval, light rays – able to travel from the earth to the moon in about one second – go a distance of 2.5 millimeters only. In a joint project of Caltech, Gothenburg University, and FAU, Yogeshwar Nath Mishra and Florian Bauer now realized the world’s fastest single-shot planar imaging technique to observe flames and soot formation in the ultra-fast picosecond timescale. With that, they outcompete the state-of-the-art techniques by a factor of one thousand. By measuring multiple active and passive optical signals, they are able to study the entire lifecycle of soot particles with unprecedented temporal resolution.

They published their results on Single-pulse real-time billion-frames-per-second planar imaging of ultrafast nanoparticle-laser dynamics and temperature in flames in the open-access journal Light: Science & Applications by Nature. Even beyond their current results, they see the potential of their setup to unravel mysteries in modern physics and chemistry as well as in further research areas.

Yogeshwar and Florian work at the Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics with Stefan Will.