Tim Russwurm: High-Speed Images from Inside an Engine

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Last year, Tim Russwurm showed thatFlame Luminesce in an Optically Accessible Engine with an Active Fuelled Pre-Chamber Ignition Systemis a suitable detection technique for ignition and combustion processes. By monitoring the inside of an engine cylinder with a high speed camera he gained insight into the propagation of the jets and flame fronts with pre-chamber ignition.

In his recent follow-up studyInvestigations on an active pre-chamber ignition system in a combustion chamber, he used a constant volume chamber to analyze the jet behavior of pre-chamber ignition. Simultaneous recording of high-speed Schlieren images and OH*-chemiluminescence allows precise location of the spot of ignition inside a pre-chamber jet.

Tim works at the Professorship for Fluid Systems Technology, his supervisor is Michael Wensing.

A high-speed camera monitors the ignition inside of the engine.