Markus Labus and Peter Lang: Imaging temperature fields in aerosols

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Last year, Markus Labus and Peter Lang published on their new setup for optical temperature measurements in flames and aerosols.

They continued their efforts and now were able to demonstrate calibration-free imaging of temperature fields in flames containing indium particles. The fluorescent light emission of indium is dependent on its temperature. Thus, by tuning the excitation laser wavelength and simultaneously monitoring the resulting fluorescence intensity, Markus and Peter were able to calculate the two-dimensional temperature distribution of the aerosol. This technique may help investigating the process of flame synthesis of nanoparticles. Check their publication Calibration-free imaging thermometry via two-line atomic fluorescence in combustion processes for details.

Markus and Peter did their work at the Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics (LTT) with Stefan Will. The original publication can be found in Optics Letters.