Impressions from the SAOT Innovation Day 2023

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At the SAOT Innovation Day 2023, several SAOT investigators – some of them who have just recently joined the network – presented their research to colleagues and doctoral candidates of SAOT:

  • Birgit Stiller: Light-sound interactions for quantum technologies and optical signal processing
  • Hanieh Fattahi: Femtosecond fieldoscopy
  • Michael Schmidt: Adding Value to Additive Manufacturing
  • Daniele Fausti: Quantum spectroscopies for quantum materials
  • Bernd Witzigmann: Gallium-Nitride based light emitters: understanding the physics by numerical modeling
  • Dominique de Ligny: Cutting soda lime silicate glass using ultra-short-pulsed laser filamentation

The afternoon of fruitful discussion and exchange was followed by an informal social gathering in the evening.